Bringing your bike with you when you travel or go camping is mandatory this summer! Whether you are biking with your friends cross country or go on holidays with your family, you need to make sure that, whatever bike rack you use, it is compatible with your bike and it won’t damage your car, SUV or other vehicle in the process. Because not every bike rack is universal (and even some of those that claim to be are not) finding the right bike rack can be tricky. So, we’ve done the research for you. Below are the best car bike racks on the market today.

Menabo Merak Eco Plus bike holder for 3 bikes with towbar mount


This bike rack is suitable for the moments when you want to escape from the city on a bike ride. With the help of the Menabo Merak Eco support you will go on the road with your bikes safely. The Menabo stand can carry two bicycles at the same time. The product is made of durable materials. Menabo Merak comes equipped with approved taillights, and the maximum transport load is 25 kg. Merak is TUV certified and weighs 10.8 kg.

The support for 3 bicycles consists of Menabo Merak Eco to which is added the Menabo Merak Extension Kit.

Menabo Polaris 2 bike rack for 2 tailgate bikes

Pedaling becomes even easier now! Regardless of the destination, you will be able to transport your bicycles with great ease. Using the Menabo Polaris 2 support for a safe road. The Menabo support is attached to the car's tailgate with the help of special clamps positioned in 4 fixed points. Mounting the bracket is very easy without the need for special keys. The Polaris support is adaptable and compatible with FatBike bikes. Choose the Menabo Polaris support and you will pedal wherever and whenever you want.

Thule Freeride 532 bike rack with crossbar mounting

Safety, reliability and efficient transport. These are just three of the qualities of the Thule FreeRide bike rack. When you want to travel, but also bring your bike with you, the Thule product is a correct option. The support is mounted on the roof bars of the car by means of a special fastening system. Installation is quick and easy, and the bike will stay safe all the way.

The Thule stand can carry even a large bicycle. So, if you are a fan of MTB bikes, this support will help you at any time. Thule FreeRide is equipped with its own anti-theft system, but also anti-theft system for bicycles. Thus, when you want to leave your bike attached to the support for a short period of time, there is no need to worry.

FreeRide is made of steel for long durability. The Thule bracket includes a 20 mm T-beam mounting system. At the same time, Thule FreeRide has TUV, ISO and Crash Test certifications, thus offering high safety during transport both for you and for the other traffic participants.